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Carl Bohmeier CBH Clock Movement

Carl Bohmeier Master Clock

The Movement just removed from the case.

The movement is shown in the normal upright position as removed from the case. The three rods projecting from the rear locate into three corresponding bushes that are incorporated into the pendulum bracket bolted into the back of the case. (see here)

The escapement can clearly be seen at the top, as can one of the barrels for the weights. The motor on the rear is for rewinding, which occurs approximately every 80 minutes, and runs on 12 to 15 volts DC.

The pendulum crutch, which is adjustable for beat at the top, can be seen hanging down at the rear. This has a peg or projection at the bottom, which can just be seen, which engages with a slot in the top of the pendulum rod.

This means the movements removal is easily accomplished by simply reaching behind the dial and undoing the three thumb screws that hold the rods into their bushes. You then gently pull the movement forward complete with its weights, the pendulum staying attached to its bracket in the case.




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