Electric Masters

Literature for setting up Synchronome Clocks

Electric Masters

To ensure the utmost accuracy, even the count wheel is balanced

Electric Masters

Differant Types of Pallet on a Mk1 & Mk2

Some Synchronome literature is available for download below.
Click on the relevant choice. I have scanned them in with a reasonably high DPI so file size may be large for dial-up connections.

Wiring Dgm (No# 10552) for Power Station Synchronome & optional Seconds output.

To make it more legible I have cleaned this scan up and rewritten the text. All the wording is faithful to the original though.

Zip File Size is 303kb. Unzipped Image size will be 1341 x 2300.
(optional Right Click "Save As")


Seven page .pdf booklet for installing a standard Synchronome Clock

This is a 7 page little book that came with the clock. Title:
"Instructions for Erection and Management of Synchronome Electric Time-Circuits"
Size is 3.73Mb. (optional Right Click "Save As")


Comprehensive Synchronome Instructions for Standard Clock

Four typed pages (not dated) Title:
"The Synchronome Master Cock for Operating Half Minute Impulse Dials"
Size is 3.38Mb

Download Here (optional Right Click "Save As")

Comprehensive Synchronome Instructions for Power Station Clock

Nine typed pages & one diagram Title:
"Instructions for erection and setting to work of Master Clock
with normal half minute electrical impulse switch and seconds electrical impulses switch"

Zip file size is 6.0Mb

Download Here (optional Right Click "Save As")

Goto Page Two for Detail of its Operation

Pilot Dial Contacts

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