Video at Nottingham

The Phoenix March 2015 Nottingham
(Video is copyright of, 'Prof Extreme's channel')

You may notice the ceiling is now protected by some earthed fence wire, after concerns about a possible fire risk.

Video at Nottingham

2014:  This is a comparison of synchronous & Asynchronous on the same 10 inch coil by changing the RSGs. Both use a 12 inch rotor, with very similar solid copper heat sinks for the stationary electrodes, so differences should be either 364 bps against 200 bps, or asynchronous against synchronous. The noticeable differences are: streamer behaviour, performance & sound.
Therefore the sound is muted initially, to get you guessing.

Video at Nottingham

Phillip Strauss' 10" Coil & The 8" Phoenix

This is part of a demonstration given at Crossness museum London.
We were plagued with constant tripping of the breakers, so power levels for both coils was only around 60% to avoid this.
A misunderstanding had meant that only a 25amp supply was available to us.
(also contains non-tesla related material)

Toroid Test - 2014

This interesting video of my coil is a comparison between a 34" x 8" toroid and a 50" x 11", (kindly loaned by P Strauss). It not only stopped primary strikes but also gave brighter and more intense streamers.
Apart from retuning, only the toroid was changed, with power levels kept to exactly the same level. The coil's position was not altered either.
(Video runs in split screen for comparison.)

Kew Museum London

Without a Breakout Point

Nottingham 2011: 7kW~
This was shot by someone else and nicely captures the coil running without a breakout point.
(Copyright of "drdreads1")

This video was taken by someone else.
And is linked with their permission.

With and without a Breakout Point

Nottingham 2011: 7kW~
This is nearly 6 mins in total and was shot by someone else and links to their YouTube page.
The first half is about 80% power, the second half uses full power at some points.
(Copyright of "disgruntledgoat")

Nottingham Part 1

Nottingham 2011: 7kW~
This is with and without a breakout point to hit an earthed screen at eight feet or so.

Nottingham Part 2

Nottingham 2011: 7kW~
This is using a breakout point to hit an earthed screen placed eight feet or so away.

8 inch with Breakout Point

Cambridge 2010: 6kW~
Shot during the initial setting up stage when I was tuning it. Power and capacitor were slightly lower than above in 2011

The 8 inch with a BP

Cambridge 2010: 6kW~
I once saw another video of a coil shot from this angle, and it shows up ground strikes quite nicely. Admittedly the other coil was more impressive - but it was also a lot more powerful!
The strike screen is about 8 feet away and the ground strikes are just over 6 feet.

The 8 inch with and without a BP

Cambridge 2010: 6kW~
Another unusual angle, this time the camera and tripod were perched precariously on a rickety wooden table.

Apologies for my take-off of the famous quote from the 1979 film 'Apocalypse Now', you can hear at the end.

Eight Inch on a Pig

Cambridge 2009: 6kW~

This was running with a blown static gap. Shortly after this I changed to a 200 bps synchronous rotary.

How to tune coils with an oscilloscope.

My Phoenix coil from inside a Faraday cage.

Slow Motion Video Nottingham 6~7kW

A section taken from a longer run and then slowed down by a factor of four.

200bps coil converted to 100bps

I simply removed a pair of electrodes, and also used an increased phase setting.